30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond

January 1st 2017 was a big day for me. I was embarking on my first 30 day “cleanse”. I had done it ALL up to this point. A week long juice cleanse, a cayenne and lemon cleanse, some tea detoxes… you name it. The goal was usually to loose extra bloat, clear up my skin or get rid of some extra pesky pounds that didnt seem to want to go away on cardio and pilates alone. In hindsight, as most of these things go, I didn't realize that all of these crash diets were not going to work long term. These plans were not sustainable and actually weren't serving my long term health.

After my the full four week program, I lost 7 lbs and felt better than I ever thought I could. I slept better, I had less cravings for unhealthy things and my skin was GLOWING, baby! This plan worked. FINALLY. The best thing about it was that after day 3 I found it easy to follow and it actually was a lot of FUN! So, I decided from there that I would help others get healthy with this program. For the last two and a half years I’ve ben living this lifestyle about 80% on plan.

Here are the details.

Get Ready to Feel Amazing! 

You're thinking about getting your ass in gear and getting a little healthier - AWESOME! As you know, making the decision is the first step! I have done this program and love knowing that I am passing on life changing principles. Going down a jean size is great and that will most likely happen when you do this program; but the health, the ability to climb stairs again, the confidence that feeling good gives people, the energy to play with your kids again - this is what makes me never want to stop educating people through this program. 

What we have is not revolutionary. Jack Lalanne was teaching clean eating back in the 60's. What IS revolutionary is that we have products and people to support you through the journey to ensure success. We do this in a community so that we're not alone. And then we serve others by passing it on which keeps us accountable for the long term and allows us to help more and more and more people like you.

Here's what a sample day will look like:



  • People who want to optimize their health.

  • People who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

  • Athletes who want to increase performance, strength, energy, and muscle definition.

  • People who want to uncover food sensitivities.

  • People experiencing fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, poor digestion, excess weight.


  • A 30-day whole foods clean eating program.

  • A system to equip people with the tools & knowledge to implement life-long health.

  • A rest for the liver and kidneys to maximize function.

  • An elimination program to help uncover food sensitivities.

  • A weight loss jumpstart.


  • A deprivation diet

  • A fast

  • A liquid diet

arbonne wellness coach.jpg


  • The program includes 3 simple steps that we outline for you.

  • Eliminate 8 of the most allergenic/toxic/addictive ingredients from your diet.

  • Plan to eat about every three hours.

  • Proportion your meals to optimize nutrient density to fuel your body optimally.



  • With your products, you will receive Access to our private Facebook group for information & inspiration materials including shopping lists, recipes, and outlines for everything.

  • Me as a private Coach to guide you through the 30-days

  • The first few days you may feel anxious as your body gets used to a new rhythm.

  • You can expect to have more energy and feel better than you’ve felt in a long time.

  • Average weight loss can be anywhere from 5-14 lbs for women, and 12-20 from men.


Why do I use supplements?

Most of us are too busy to make 3-4 perfect meals each day. Our supplements are “easy buttons” or “fast food” to make sure we’re getting the proper nutrients in the proper proportions at each meal. These supplements are what make the program do-able for most of us and give us the greatest chance of success reaching our goals. I also have seen longevity and sustainability in this program compared to others because we have tools to help you succeed long term. 

How much does it cost? 

You guys, I love answering this question because to me this is a no-brainer how valuable the products and support are here. It's probably less than your Starbucks habit. At less than $9 per day, I choose to re-allocate my grocery budget to this expense. This includes all meals and beverages for 30 days (not including dinners) plus a Support Guide, personalized coaching for the entire 30 days, access to recipes and an online community. New Preferred Clients who purchase this Value Pack also get a gift of choice for FREE.

What's next?

  1. Email me (hello@thetangerinedesert.com) or fill out the form and let me know that you are IN or let’s talk more about your personal health goals. This program can be tailored to your specific needs or time frame. Want to start with 15 days? No problem.

  2. Order your products in time for your desired start date (products take 3-7 days to receive). I coach people the first and third Monday of every month.

  3. Clean out some of your more tempting foods from your cupboards.

  4. Weigh yourself and find a pair of pants that fit you well right now.

  5. Take a few photos of yourself from a few different angles. These are just for your eyes, but you'll love seeing the difference!

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