Wood Watch Giveaway

Aloha! Welcome to this month's giveaway and my boyfriend, Robert's first feature in front of the camera on The TD. I want to spend the opportunity today to share a bit about Robert and I. Below are 5 things you may not know about us. Feel free to comment below and ask anything. I mean it... anything! I dare you. 
At the end of this post you'll have the chance to enter to win $100 towards your own JORD Wood Watch. Everyone who enters will receive $25 gift card. 


1. We both grew up in the Washington DC area yet didn't meet until we both were living in Los Angeles. We met when we were both having lunch on a Sunday sitting at a local bar.

2. Robert is a movie producer, a talented writer and even filmed his own movie. Watch it here. The movie he is working on now is Wish Upon, in theaters in July. (so proud over here... eek!) 

3. I work in construction during the day. I am a design coordinator on a train project here in Honolulu. I went to school for construction management and have been an engineer on jobs for the past 6 years. 

4. We have a beautiful, peaceful apartment in Dana Point, California. We live there with our cat, Domino and Dog, Barley. Our favorite thing about our place is being able to walk to the beach and grow a garden on our porch. 

5. Robert drives a Harley and our favorite Sunday pass time is to take epic scenic rides to random biker bars all over California. He did work on Sons of Anarchy as a stunt driver after all... 

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