Easy Halloween Costume - Witchy Woman

Hey there, Tangerine. Can you believe it's already Wednesday? This week has been flying by in anticipation for this weekend's Halloween celebrations. I'm going to Toronto this weekend to visit my other half. He's been up there working on a new movie! It's going to be a bit chilly for my liking but a new city to explore is always worth it. 

Today is the last day in our Halloween series. I know, sad. You can always follow along via SNAPCHAT to see what I decide to be this weekend (username: tangerinedesert) 

The Witchy Woman look is one I wanted to do because being a witch or a cat on Halloween typically sounds SO cliche. However, I think there are modern ways to be a witch. With my obsession with American Horror Story, I've been inspired to break the barriers when it comes to Halloween characters. Sarah Paulson plays this crazy zombie junkie in American Horror Story Hotel. My witch is inspired by that creepy character.

A modern-day witch isn't going to be riding around on a broom this Halloween, she's going to be casting her spells in plain sight. 

I had this long green dress and layered it with a slouchy black cardigan. If you have a dark red or black dress, that could work too. I paired the dress with some combat boots. 

I added a statement choaker and a faux septum ring in my nose. I also layered on a ton of stackable rings on my fingers. 


  • Maybelline Velvet Matte foundation in ivory (a lighter than your skin tone color) 
  • Loose green eyeshadow
  • Brown Eyeshadow
  • NYX Black V'amped Up Lip Top Coat 
  • Press on jewels 


  1. Create a strong canvas with your light foundation and powder. I picture witches to have creepy pale faces. 
  2. Over-sculpt your jawline and cheeks with a dark brown eyeshadow or your contouring kit if you have one. I did the darkest near my temples then pulled the color down towards the corners of my mouth. 
  3. Use green as your heavy eyeshadow. I pulled the green down to the sides of my nose to create an even creepier and sunken-in look. Use brown eyeshadow to create depth however you wish on your eyes. 
  4. Heavy eyeliner on top and bottom.  I used the green to highlight the flood line on the bottom of my eyes too. 
  5. I sculpted my eyebrows how I normally would but dusted green into them to get a tinted look. 
  6. Dust some of the shimmery green shadow into your heavily contoured cheeks. 
  7. Line your lips and color in with the black NYX lip top coat. Dust over with the green to get a cool tint. 
  8. Tease your hair to get a big "I don't brush my hair" look. I used hairspray to lock in the look. 
  9. I used press on jewels just since I had them. You can always use a liquid liner to add creepy touches. 

In case you missed it, the other two costumes in this series are the SCARECROW and the GALACTIC PRINCESS

What are your plans for Halloween weekend? Have you ever been to Toronto? What should I see/do while I am there? 

With Love and Spooks,