Tropical Floral Dress

Today's Mantra: We Rise by Lifting Others

Does anyone else feel like this is appropriate not only today but ALWAYS. It's so important to remember that kindness goes way farther than hate. I was reading some quotes about kindness today and one was something along the lines of "If you wore your kindness on your face, would you still be beautiful." In a world full of hatred and things we can not control, we can make the world a better place by starting with the interactions we have day to day. Holding open a door or even smiling someones way can have a butterfly effect that you would not even imagine. 

On to today's outfit. This dress is my absolute favorite right now. I actually found it by itself at Nordstrom Rack. AND it fit! That's not usually the case when you find a lonesome item at a place like that. 
DAMN I love a good find! I paired the Volcom hibiscus dress with three awesome accessories. I have to say, I think this is my most favorite outfit of the summer. These Dolce Vita slides are the perfect pop of color. Comfortable style has always been my goal here, so anything that can be simple yet stylish makes my heart throb. This amazing square cross body bag is perfect for a double palm print look. To see a double floral look check this post.