Floral Maxi

I am so excited that it's already Thursday! Every week should only have four work days in it. Am I Right?! 
Today, I'm also stoked to share with you guys the first of two outfits in collaboration with Tobi. A floral maxi dress automatically makes any girl feel like they're living in a whimsical fairy tail. It's just one of those things. This particular number has a deep cut front and a slit to make you feel even more like a modern day princess.

Tobi Maxi
Tangerine Desert Tobi
Tobi Maxi Dress
Low Cut Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress Floral

Shop the Perfect Day Floral Maxi Dress at Tobi.com

One of the best things about Tobi is that you'll always get 50% off your order the first time you order so you can stock up on summer clothes right now! One thing to keep in mind is that their items run just a little larger than usual so order a size down on most items.

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