Summer-Ready Skin

It's officially time to shed your winter skin and get your skin glowing for those summer days. I've rounded up a few of the essential products that I've been using to accomplish moist and supple skin ready for any mini skirt day. All of these products are natural and not at all harsh on your skin. Because, what's the point in trying to make your skin look healthier when you're dousing it in chemicals? 

skincare routine

The key here is to follow these steps:

1. Remove dead skin by scrubbing

2. Moisten and repair the new skin

3. Nourish from within by having a healthy diet, drinking a ton of water and taking your vitamins. 

alba botanica

First things first, scrub away dead skin cells. I use this Alba Botanica scrub once or twice a week. Because this is the formula for acne prone skin, be careful to not use it too often depending on your skin type. I use this over my face, neck, shoulders and beyond when I'm in the shower. I've even used it on my hands when I see that my skin is looking a little dull. 

aveeno bodywash

Next, hydrate and repair. This Aveeno bodywash is awesome since it doesn't leave a residue like some moisturizing body washes do. They have a ton of different smells too. The night cream that I've been using is by Avalon Organics. Vitamin C will make your skin more elastic and brighter. My skin was looking kind of dull and thirsty a little while ago and now that I'm adding Vitamin C  plus fish oil, my face really shows the difference. 

fish oil

I picked the Natures Bounty mini fish oils. They're the perfect amount and since they are smaller, I'm not tasting or smelling fish oil for the remainder of the day. Have you ever experienced that with fish oil? 

restoration skincare

These super hydrating and extremely natural products from Restoration Skincare are my secret weapon when it comes to getting glowing skin. Because they have 100% natural ingredients, they are packed full of only good things for your skin. Feed your skin with healthy oils and vitamins with this line of products. I use the hydration mist all over when I get out of the shower and then the body butter on extra dry areas and all over my legs. 

summer skin care
summer ready skin

This is a partially sponsored post. As always, all opinions re my own. 

What are your skin secrets? 


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