Suede Fringe

Glamping while in Big Sur was absolutely magical. What made our stay even better was waking up to a gorgeous private campground and the sound of wild, cool running water. With the help of The Boutique at Body Wellness, Ankit Fashion Home Designs and PSC Hair Artistry, this beauty ensued... 

I'm a total believer that everything we do and feel is deeply rooted to the nature around us. No cell service and good friends surrounding you truly uplifts the soul. If you'd like to see my full detailed road trip guide to Big Sur, head over to Monday's post

big sur 1.jpg

Black Tee Dress, Fringe Jacket and Hawthorne booties can be found at The Boutique at Bodywellness.  Which you can shop in store or by phone (443)949-9206

Photos and Jumbo side braid crafted by PSC Hair Artistry

Glamping accessories from your favorite home stuff store, Ankit. You can find them online or at your local Urban Outfitters home section. 

Glamp site provided by AirBnB at Big Sur Campground and Cabins. Next time, I'm hanging here for a week instead of a night. 


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