How to Stress Less While Traveling

I am finally back from Toronto and have to say, I am ready to stay in one place for the next few weeks. Yes, weeks.  I travel every couple weeks and sometimes, every week. It's nice for racking up airline miles but it does become exhausting. AND stressful... 
Today I want to share some travel tips with you. I'm planning on doing this more often on here since I realize I've learned a lot from traveling so often this past year. Here are some thoughts from a constant traveler on how to travel stress-less. 

  1. Pack Early - I can't express the importance of this enough. I basically live out of a suitcase and find myself being a bit cocky and pushing the limits on packing sometimes. I've learned that my number one way to be less stressed for flights is to make sure I pack at least one day before my flight. This also helps me get in the mindset of remembering items that in a rushed scenario, I may forget. 
  2. Plan your Outfits - This comes along with packing early. Try and coordinate your outfits so that the pieces are interchangeable. For example, if you have a statement piece like the Faux Shearling vest in this post, pack more than one item that pairs well with it. I also try and stick to mostly black interchangable pieces like basic tops or leggings and layer from there when applicable. 
  3. Check in Early - Checking in early allows you to breath the day of your flight. If you check in early you also have the opportunity to pay for your bag at the time also. This minimizes stress so that once you get to the airport you can basically just hop into a bag drop lane, use your app or boarding pass from checking in and go about your day. 
  4. Be Comfortable - There is NEVER a case where I am not comfortable at the airport. Even if I have to go straight to work I will wear leggings and comfortable shoes on the plane and change in the airport restroom if needed before I go into the office. I also bring a scarf or cape-like jacket that can double as a blanket on flights. This Faux Shearling vest is like a blanket and is so comforting on long, cold flights. 
  5. Have Essentials on Hand - As soon as I get through security, the very first thing I do is purchase two LARGE bottles of water. The plane can be so dehydrating, it's important to CHUG while in the air and not depend on the infrequent flight attendant service. I also recommend keeping anything you may need such as headphones, lotions, medicine etc. on your person. I keep the important items in my purse and not in the overhead bin. Although that bag is accessible, it's still a pain to get it down and dig though it on a flight. 
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What are your tips for less stressful travel? Feel free to comment below! 

With Love and Wanderlust,