Easy Halloween Costume - The Scarecrow

Hello, Tangerine, welcome to my Halloween series! 
I have this undying love for Halloween. Since I was a little girl it was always my favorite holiday. My godmother used to go ALL out and build a haunted house for the trick or treaters. It would take us weeks to build but on the night of, it would all be totally worth it. 
We used black lights, glow in the dark paint, faux snakes and bats galore to scare the crap out of all the other neighborhood families. Ahhh...  the memories will always be with me. 

scarecrow costume

Truth is, Halloween has been sneaking up on me these past few years. I find myself not having time to build a costume weeks ahead of time. It can also be costly, time consuming and a total pain in the ass. I've had to improvise with what I have in my closet and the make up I have in my collection.

In this three part series, I'm going to show you how to create cool Halloween costumes without breaking the bank or leaving the house to hunt for pieces to your costume. 

Today's costume is the SCARECROW.
There are a ton of ways to do this. I started with denim, a flannel and boots. Next, a straw hat and some bandanna's we had laying around the house. Some hemp string that was at the bottom of my crafts box made a great makeshift bow tie.


I painted my face with the makeup I already had. Start with a liquid foundation and powder for a strong canvas. Look for orange, brown and dark red colors in your makeup collection. 


  1. Once you have your strong canvas set, use your bronzer to create a strong jawline. Think of the conturing technique but go heavier to create an illusion of a strong jawbone.
  2. Make a circle with your lipstick on the apples of your cheeks. Start with a small circle then build outwards to about a size of a golf ball. Blend with your finger. 
  3. Do the same with your lipstick for your nose. Think of a oval/triangle shape. Blend with your finger. 
  4. I used the same lipstick on my lips. 
  5. Powder over the lipstick (on your nose, cheeks and lips) heavily with your bronzer to get a brown/orange look. 
  6. Outline the lipstick on your nose with the liquid liner. Create a stitching smile starting from the corners on your lips. Follow the line you created with your bronzer in step 1. 
  7. Next, use a ton of eyeliner on your eyes. Pull down on the liquid liner on your bottom lashes to create a kind of drawn on lash.
  8. If your hair is long enough, do cute pigtail braids. I just scrunched in hairspray to get a straw like look. It's totally up to you!  

Total look was about 30 minutes including the hunt for all of the clothing items in my closet. Be creative with it! 



The next look you'll see from this series is the Galaxy Princess Halloween costume

With love and spooks, 

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