Romper Magic

Rompers and jumpsuits are my absolute favorite wardrobe staples. 
Honestly, when life gets busy the last thing I want to do is think about having to put a fashionable outfit together. AND then there came rompers and jumpsuits! 
I call this post "Romper Magic" because of the structured perfection this jumpsuit posseses. The way it flares out and almost looks like a dress is what makes the difference between a romper that is a casual beach day romper and one that can be worn on a date night... like below.

Keep scrolling for my picks... the best rompers around the internet right now. 

Rompers are an easy fix. They're like a dress. The one piece outfit. However, I've found out that there is a BETTER romper. One that not only makes the quick put-together outfit look easy. A romper like this one from AGACI is perfect because it will not only fit most body types but it also is flirty. The difference here is the pleated bottoms. If you were to look at this piece on a hanger, you would almost think it is a dress because of its A-line style.