Pineapple Paradise

Oh my goodness! What a week it has been. I came down with some kind of food poisoning at the beginning of the week and am just now feeling like myself. I've been eating through almost anything that gets placed in front of me here in Hawaii. I love tasting new foods and new cultures. Maybe that's what ended up having me in bed all day yesterday... 

I made a promise to myself last week that I would give you all some of my daily mantras as I go through my posts. Today, my mantra was "forward progress, just keep moving" 
After being sick like I was I felt defeated. I've also been working 40 hours a week at my full time job top of about 30 hours on my blog plus Arbonne business. It seems SO tiresome sometimes. Some days I ask my self "What am I doing?". Truthfully, I know that I am deliberate, organized and acting with intention therefore I must keep moving. I must believe I am strong and passionate enough to achieve my dreams and do well day to day. 

This past Sunday I decided to set off on an adventure. I didn't want to fully map out my route, since I had driven around the North Shore before (SEE THIS POST). I wanted to see where the wind (and winding road) took me. I wanted to stop where felt right. What happens when I do this ends up almost always being magical. 

Can you guess where I ended up? 

I ended up stopping at a tiny pineapple farm on the side of the road! Something just drew me in and once I explored the space behind the roadside stand I thought... we MUST take photos here! Todays outfit (Shorts: ZARA) (Top: Zara) (Shoes: Saludos) (Sunnies: LeSpecs) (Hat: Nordstrom) 





This is one of my favorite outfits this year. I'm so excited to be sharing warm weather clothes again! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

With Love and Wanderlust,