Lemon Print Dress

I used to think that having custom made clothing would be expensive or time consuming. I barely even take time to get jeans hemmed. I'm so busy typically that I just want the quickest shopping options. That is, until I found eShatki. Picking out this dress was as easy as any online shopping experience. I just picked my style and filled out a couple of questions. I wanted no pockets and a boat neck on a dress. You can also customize the length and the type of sleeves you want. The end result: the exact dress I wanted for weekend brunch!

How cute is the lemon print on this dress? I bet you could get it in a skirt or strapless dress also. That's the beauty of eShakti. I also was on their site today and realized you can get custom jeans made also. The embroidered boot cut jeans I am looking to have made are SO perfect for fall right now. The combinations are endless. 

Have you ever had clothing custom made? Let me know in the comments below.