Comm-ci Leggings

Happy Monday! I'm writing today from my home in California. It's nice to be home after being in Hawaii for work the past three weeks. I was able to snap these photos of my favorite new leggings from Comm-ci while in Honolulu last week. I've been wearing both of these featured leggings in some versatile ways. Work, play, exercise, you name it. 
When I decided to get another J.O.B. six months ago, I promised myself that if I were to sit in a cubicle for 9+ hours a day, I was going to be comfortable. No pencil skirts here! I find a way to wear leggings not only to work but also out and about running errands. Comfort over everything, am I right?! 

Below, you'll see two outfits. The first is featuring Comm-ci's straight pant leggings. They have the most incredible thick waist band that is slimming and comfortable. I've worn these to work with booties or around town with my Tevas. The high waist also allows me to tie a tee with them to give myself a more feminine shape. Not to mention, show off my tush since these make my assets look incredible! 

The second outfit is one I've worn to work. This is featuring the classic skinny leggings from Comm-ci. These also have a thick waistband and are medium thick which also helps when wearing leggings to work. The key here is to make sure you're not wearing workout leggings or partially see through (thin or cheap) leggings. These are versatile and can go from the office to a post work yoga session. Practical huh?! 

Shop these leggings at The two that I am wearing are: 
- Straight Blue Leggings
- Skinny Gray High Waist

Todays Mantra: Less is more