Sunny Days Jumpsuit

Happy Hump Day, Tangerines! Today, I'm spending some quality time with the boyfriend. We're hoping to take a motorcycle ride to the beach to catch some week day rays. It'll be so nice if it's not crowded! I'm officially not working for corporate america anymore so, expect a ton more content from Sara and I in the next few months. I'm so excited! 

Today's outfit features one of my favorite pieces to wear year round. A sleeveless jumper is perfect when it's warm out and also practical in the cooler months when you can wear a jacket or a blazer over top. The other really cool item here is the super stylish parasol, provided by Brelli. 

summer jumpsuit
jumpsuit outit
brelli umbrellas
jumpsuit for summer
summer outfit jumpsuit

This Brelli is not only stylish but also 99% UV resistant, which is really important when you live somewhere like California. Also, if you live in a more rainy area, it pairs as an umbrella and is 40 mph wind resistant. I have to say that it's going to be sitting in the back of my Jeep all summer long and ready for spontaneous beach adventures or days in the desert where I need a bit of shade. 


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