How to Dress for Transitional Weather

It's fall but its not quite cold yet. What to wear for transitional weather? 

Well, just pair a fall item with warm weather clothes, of course!

Getting to mix and match my favorite summer and winter items during the fall transition makes this my favorite outfit-making time of year. Not to mention I can still show a little skin and feel feminine. (opposed to that kid in A Christmas Story, wrapped up like a mummy)  

Here are some tips to master the transitional weather look without overheating or looking like you've missed the “It’s Fall” memo.

1. Pick a base piece from your winter or summer wardrobe. I went with a sweater for my base piece. You could also go with a strapless maxi dress or pair of holey boyfriend jeans from your warm-weather wardrobe. I picked open-toed shoes and shorts from my summer closet to contrast with my sweater. The key is to balance your base with an item from a different season.

2. Choose colors that are fall-fitting. Neutrals, dark greens or deep reds. But please, don’t try pulling this off by pairing neon-pink shorts with a white sweater. The only exception, which I love, is floral print mixed with a winter jacket or fur vest. (Which bring us to my next tip)

3. Textures can include the following: knit, leather, or fur. When I say this, I don't mean pick all three. My texture here is the knit sweater. You can also accessorize with leather booties or a leather bag. For me, there's just something about each of these elements that screams “Cool weather, yay!” 

4. Last but not least, by all means, get creative! This is the time of year to have fun picking your favorite items to wear a little sooner or keep them around a bit longer before everything goes back in the closet until next year. 

Disclaimer: Remember to not over-accessorize! This is not only true for the transitional weather look but also for the remainder of the year. Use a scarf, neckerchief or minimal necklace for a simple accessory and let the textures and colors speak for themselves.


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