Easy Halloween Costume - Galactic Princess

Hey there and welcome to part two of the Halloween Costume series.
(PART 1 - THE SCARECROW in case you missed it)
My goal is to show you how you can turn items you already have in your closet into a Halloween costume. This look is inspired by the internet makeup trend called Galaxy Makeup. Seriously just hop on Pinterest and type in "Galaxy Makeup" and your mind will be blown at how creative and talented some make up artists are! 

I saved a bunch to the Tangerine Desert Halloween board. 

I am no M.U.A. On a day to day basis you're lucky to see me wear any eye shadow period. I'm a BB Cream and mascara kind of girl. This galaxy makeup was so fun to do and honestly did not take much skill. I'll give you a quick step by step later in this post. 

When I was looking through my closet to see what I had to make this series somewhat interesting I had to pull out this BCBG dress. The poor thing has only been worn once! I fell in love with it when I saw it in the store and just HAD to have it. LET'S BE HONEST, for a casual chick like me, there are far and few opportunities to wear a leather and tulle dress. 


This is how I went about the Galaxy Freckles look. I wanted to make it my own so I got creative with my colors. You can always do mostly blue or purple if that's your thing!

  • Milani primer and Prep Set Go powder
  • Maybelline Velvet Matte in Ivory - Must be a few shades lighter than your skin tone
  • Nyx Ombre Blush, Ombre lip duo, and sparkly purple eyeliner
  • Nyx Purple and Silver Eyeshadow
  • Revlon Colorburst Matte lipstick in purple 
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Eye shadows in Blue and Pink 
  • Clinique Chubby highlighting stick 
  • Glitter and White Paint (or white liquid liner if you can find it) 


  1. Start by priming your face, neck and chest. With a beauty blender add the lighter than your skin tone foundation all over. Finish it off with setting powder for a strong canvas. 
  2. This part is where I hesitated at first. Get out your highly pigmented, very pink powder (I used the NYX Ombre Blush but if you have very pink eyeshadow you can use that too) Apply liberally onto your biggest powder brush and start at your cheeks and pull back towards your hairline. It's scary cause its SO pink... but do it and have fun with it!
  3. I used the purple powder and blended it into the pink as I went. Purple on my temples and jawline and pink towards my nose and chest. I also used pink for one eye's shadow. 
  4. Pick up your blue last (this is the most dramatically dark color in the bunch) and layer over to create depth in your "galaxy". Use blue as eye shadow on one eye and pull towards your nose. The key is to blend. I used my fingers to pat the colors together.
  5. Line your eyes with the purple eyeliner. Make it thick on the bottom. Add lashes and a thick top black liner as you wish. 
  6. Sculpt your brows as you normally would then take your purple lipstick or powder and dust throughout creating a tinted eyebrow. 
  7. Pull out your silver shadow for a dramatic highlight. You want a really shimmery galaxy look. I even used a highlighting stick under my eyes and on the apples of my cheeks and at the tip of my nose. 
  8. Use a pink or purple for your lip color. I used the Nyx pink ombre lipstick. 
  9. Pour a ton of glitter onto the part in your hair. Use hairspray to keep in place. Pick up the pink again to dust your roots for a pink hair illusion. 
  10. Now, I used real paint (nontoxic) for my stars. I thought a white eyeliner pencil would do the job but it just simply isn't strong enough to pop on top of all the color you just put on your face. If you can find liquid white liner, that would be perfect. Just stipple in some dots as if they are stars and add a couple star bursts on your temples. I went heavier on one side of my face and only went down on one side of my neck. 

BY THE WAY, There's no such thing as a Galactic Princess so you can honestly make it your own. I had some press-on jewels laying around from a festival shoot months ago. If you have a tiara or crown, wear that.
Halloween is supposed to be fun! 


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With Love and Spooks, 


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