Glam Boutique Spa Experience

To me, wellness is about being healthy on the inside as well as on the outside. Plain and simple. I recently experienced a treatment that fits perfectly into my definition of wellness. The facial that I had at Glam Boutique Spa left me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and detoxed on the inside. It also made me feel and look incredible on the outside. Honestly, a MUST TRY treatment at Glam Boutique Spa in Woodland Hills. 


Life has been pretty hectic lately. With the Holidays and traveling to and from Hawaii, I was in dire need for a facial. Thank goodness Glam Boutique Spa hooked me up with a HydroPlus Facial with Microdermabrasion. For starters, I drove the 20 or so miles to get to the spa and found that it was super easy to find and they had a parking lot in the back. Parking is something hard to find on Ventura Boulevard so a big plus for the location. When I walked into the spa I was taken aback at how cute and clean it was! With posh pink pillows adorning the vintage looking salon chairs and some killer light fixtures, this bright space instantly made me feel warm inside. 

The owner of the spa, Lindsay Faulk and her adorable 11 year old daughter greeted me and made me feel at home right away. After a quick survey of my skin, it was off to the treatment room for me. I was pleasantly surprised at all of the warm blanket layers I slipped into on the treatment table. SO NICE! Have you ever had a treatment and felt uncomfortable or cold? Yuck! 

Lindsay herself preformed my treatment and was sure to explain the products and techniques along the way. I ask a lot of questions so I am thankful Lindsay's wealth of knowledge helped me get educated on the products and tools she was using. She started with a delightfully smelling pumpkin mask and then we went right into the treatments. The HydroPlus facial is deigned to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne, congestion etc. The microdermabrasion portion of the facial is designed to exfoliate to restore the skin, allowing the HydroPlus portion of the facial to really penetrate the dermis. The serum that Lindsay used during the HydroPlus portion was being sucked right into my skin because I was SO dry! The extractions and microdermabrasion sections of the treatment were super gentle and painless. 

After about an hour, I was ready to go. My skin looked and felt so plump and hydrated. My pores were FINALLY clean and less visible. I can't even think of the last time my skin felt so good! Such a game changer! I didn't wear any face makeup for the next two days because I liked how my skin looked. I honestly am so thankful for the experience and wish I could go every week to keep my skin feeling so darn good ALL THE TIME. Here's me being a dork on SNAPCHAT right after my treatment (no makeup): 

If you are in the LA area, this is totally a spa worth going to even if you have to drive a bit. Lindsay is offering 20% off for first time clients and offers a killer referral program. Basically, let her know I sent you and both of us will get an incentive! :) 

Below is how to get in touch with Glam Boutique Spa to schedule your own facial. They also do waxing, lashes, and spray tans

Instagram: @glamboutiquespa
Phone: 818 914 5738