DIY Porch Garden

It's been about two months since we moved into our little slice of California heaven here in Dana Point. As promised, I am going to be updating all of you on our home decor as we settle in. The first thing we wanted to do is make our large patio into a serene outdoor dining area. We started small and here we are now, a lush patio with thriving plants! We decided to start with plants we knew wouldn't be too hard to keep alive like succulents and cacti to see how green our thumbs really are. I think the next step is going to be herbs!

Here's a quick guide on how to create your own affordable porch garden:

  1. START SMALL - Our garden didn't bloom overnight. We did a few trips to different nurseries in our area to collect our plants. I would suggest starting small by buying a few plants that are hard to kill. Check the tags on the plants at your local nursery. You most likely want plants that need little to no attention like succulents, cacti and leafy green sun-loving plants. 
  2. RE-POT - The thing that makes our garden so special is the fun pots we found. Go to a local thrift store (or two) and pick out some eclectic pots. Succulents and cacti don't necessarily need to drain, just make sure they aren't drowning in water. You can pretty much grow succulents out of anything. Follow the instructions on your potting mix when re-potting. We also found some cool hanging plant hemp nets on Amazon
  3. FERTILIZE - Pick up some liquid plant food. I made sure to "feed" my green leafy plants right after I moved them out of their original pot. I figured at that point the plants needed some extra love in their adjustment to the new pot. It totally helped and my plants started to sprout up since they had good nutrition and extra room in their new pots! 
  4. MONITOR - Sit back and watch. In the next week or two, how are your plants doing? We rotate our plants and have even had to bring some inside when it's been really hot. You can usually tell when the leaves are looking over heated. You'll also learn quickly which plants need more water than others.

Most of all, enjoy your garden. It has been one of the most peaceful places to hang out in our new home. We also purchased some solar lights for night time dining which have been helpful. Now get your self a good book and enjoy your little slice of heaven.  

Have you grown plants at home? How has your experience been? I'd love to hear in the comments below!