DIY Flat Lay Board

Are you a blogger? Do you take photos for your business? Maybe you just want to take great photos for personal use. In my five years of blogging, the BEST hack I've come to know and love is the flat lay board. 
I'm fairly certain that my Instagram followers believe I live in a lovely home with beautiful marble counter tops. Or, at least I like to think they do. Let me tell you, loyal reader, a little secret...
It's all a lie. A front. FAKE! 

Truth is, being a successful blogger entails convincing people to buy certain things. Let's be honest here for a minute. I am in the business of online marketing. To be decent at marketing online you must first become an influencer. To do so, you must take good photos and find interesting ways to display the products which you are trying to promote. 

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a double sided flat lay board. This way, you too can take product photos almost anywhere and have a lovely, clean, neutral background. 


STEP 1: Purchase Materials

  • FOAM BOARD: Purchase a foam board at your local store. I've found them at Target, Walmart, CVS, even the grocery store sometimes sells them. Look in your school supply aisle. I like to go for the tri-fold board so I can fold it up for storage yet also have a large surface area to work with. 
  • CONTACT PAPER: I like to go on Amazon but it would be nice to see the paper in person before I buy it. You'll see below that the marble I got has some brownish throughout which was kind of disappointing but not the end of the world. You can also find this in any home improvement aisle. Home Depot, Ace Hardware etc. I picked a light gray woodgrain for the second side of my board. 
  • Scissors and a flat edge. The flat edge I am using to smooth my contact paper is actually just a coaster I had laying around the house. Anything works really. 


You'll want to cut your contact paper to size. I always leave a few inches extra just to be safe. You'll probably need two pieces to cover your board. I usually place the pieces side by side the long way on your board. Most paper has these little squares on the back side to help guide you. 


Now, this is where I start getting a little anxious in the process. The first corner can be a little scary. Most contact papers are easy to lift up and re-stick if you need to though so BREATH it's not the end of the world. 
Start at the corner of your board. Make sure you're paper is squared up with the corner. This is important because if it's not square, half way through sticking you'll notice your paper going diagonally or bubbles and wrinkles forming. 


I really take my time with the first foot of the paper. I recommend slowly pulling the paper backing away as you use your straight edge to smooth away any wrinkles or air pockets. I use the straight edge to push from the center and out towards the edges. 


Trim away any excess paper. Don't worry if the edges aren't 100% perfect. When taking photos, you're going to be placing your product in the center of the board and will never want to show the edges of the board anyways. 


Now, If you want to do the other side repeat the same steps above. Sometimes I just leave the second site white. In this case I used wood grain and marble. 

flat lay
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