Desert Picnic

Welcome to part three of a collaboration with Judy from Vogue Villain and Caitlin from CJK Visuals. I'm pretty bummed that this is the last part of this series. I had such a wonderful experience shooting with these two! 

Caitlin is a friend I grew up with on the East Coast. Since I can remember she has always had a camera in her hand and WOW has it paid off! Caitlin pays an immense amount of attention to detail when she shoots whether it be her surroundings or the embroidery on a piece of garment. 

Judy and I met and bonded at an LA blogger event over spontaneous road trips and animal skulls. We knew right away that we should do a desert shoot together. Throughout this day at Vasquez Rocks we had a great time mixing and matching items from our wardrobes to bring to our readers the coolest desert fashion inspiration. 


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