Denim Love

I don't know about you but I am already SO ready for the weekend. Tuesdays are the WORST! This week has been kicking my ass. However, I am extremely thankful to be able to spend time at the end of each busy day to work on this special little corner of the internet. I'm also excited in particular today to be sharing with you one of my favorite things in fashion... DENIM! 

I've been binge watching THE CROWN on Netflix whenever I have the time to. (so good!)
Watching historical fiction (my favorite genre) reminds me of how lucky we are as women to live in such a modern society where we don't have to wear dresses and denim is a social norm. Thank goodness. Could you imagine how crazy uncomfortable those gowns and corsets must have been?! YIKES

Today's post is a little different because I am sharing two outfits yet ONE brand that I've fallen in love with. The love story with ASHLEY MASON started when I stumbled across a pair of their camo jeans at my local NORDSTROM RACK. I started posting online about how I had worn them five days in a row not knowing that Ashley Mason was a growing company. We started chatting and here I am. STILL in love with each item that they sent me because their denim is soft and totally wearable. Even this denim jacket is perfect because it's not STIFF like some denim is when you first get it. 

AM jacket.JPG

I truly am pleased with having discovered Ashley Mason. It always shows when a company puts a lot of thought in to their product and Ashley Mason is one of those companies. I've attached some links below to their products below for you to shop.