Affordable Fashion

Aloha my beautiful Tangerines! Thanks for stopping by again this week. I have for you... (drumroll) another... LIST! Please, tell me you're excited! 

I've been having the best time sharing style inspiration with you guys lately and now, I think it's time to share some tips and a little more personal side of me. Ever since I can remember I've been getting questions from friends about my wardrobe. Even in high school I refused to wear the same outfit twice. It's tough for a girl in high school to keep a somewhat decent "popular girl" reputation. Especially if you don't have money or a well off family to buy you all of the fancy things. 

I came from a middle class family and grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. If you aren't familiar with this area of the East Coast, let me put it this way. 

In the early 2000's most of my fellow classmates were getting brand new cars as soon as their driving permits were issued. Their parents were able to pay for piano lessons or lacrosse leagues. The popular girls wore the most recent line of Abercrombie and Fitch while clutching their $500 Juicy Couture or Vera Bradley bags. My family couldn't afford Vera Bradley or even Uggs that were recently the hottest thing since sliced bread. Other must haves in an Anapolitain wardrobe included Designer Jeans, Patagonia vests, and the ever so preppy Sperry boat shoes.

Rolling my eyes still... 

Meanwhile, I was working between tanning salons, making milk shakes at a local burger joint and shampooing old women's dry scalps at a local hairdresser.  

SO, how did someone like me win Best Dressed superlatives in this type of High School? I won this reputation and maintained it without even trying through college. I was always able to maintain stylish new outfits by shopping for quality and trendy fashion at a low price. At the time I was wearing thrift store jeans and hand me downs. These are the top three places where I shop now to maintain an ever changing stylish look at a low cost. 

1. Buffalo Exchange  - This is a local trendy thrift store in LA. I also shopped at one when I was living in Houston so I bet they are all over. If you’ve ever tried to sell your clothes to them, you’ll know that they are picky about only having the hottest trends in their store. Frustrating as a seller, 

2. ASOS  - Any item you are looking for, chances are ASOS has it. It reminds me of Forever 21 but better quality. I usually order through the app and once it arrives, there is a prepaid shipping label for free returns. 

3. Nordstrom Rack  - I rarely shop at Nordstrom unless it’s a special case. The Rack however, is my go to. I love the hunt in stores or I use the app if I’m looking for something specific. 


Lace Up Sandals


Romper: Buffalo Exchange  

Booty Bag: ASOS  

Sandals: Free People from The Rack