5 Tips to be More Productive

Yet another Monday is upon us. With the year closely coming to an end, I spent a bit of time reflecting over the weekend. I looked over the goals I had set at the beginning of the year and also spent time setting a plan for the remainder of the year. I'm a total planner and list maker. I feel as though it keeps me on track and it keeps me accountable. 

Today, I not only want to share some cute graphic shirts from Sunday Vibes but also five ways to keep yourself on track to becoming an absolute GIRL BOSS. 

  1. LIST IT : Keep a notebook on you. I have one for my full time job and one for Tangerine Desert business. Spend a few minutes before you sit down to start working each day to write yourself a list of what you'd like to accomplish. On Monday's, my lists are typically longer and include items that I need to get done in a week time frame. On any other day it includes items from grocery shopping to creating an analytic excel sheet for my boss. Whatever it is, it's like a personal journal so don't worry about it being perfect. 
  2. PRIORITIZE : Keeping a list rolls into prioritizing that list. Once you get all of your thoughts down on paper, you can actually see what you have to do and choose which tasks are most important. My trick is that once I write the to-do list, I star the items that I know are MUST do's instead of SHOULD do's. For example, this weekend I made it a priority to catch up on blog posts and didn't get my car washed. No big deal because the car wash wasn't a HUGE priority. (Although it is getting pretty filthy...) 
  3. SAY NO : We've all been there. You're overwhelmed and under-slept. You're being pulled in every direction and feel as though your mind is spinning. You ask yourself "How did I get here?" I can bet that you got there by saying YES to every invitation that came at you. I am a huge fan of the phrase "less is more". To me, this means that I don't have to commit to EVERY thing that get's thrown at me. I may be able to be more productive by doing less. (weird concept, right?)  If you do find yourself double booked or too tired to go to an event, just call and cancel. I  PROMISE that it is not as big of a deal as you think and your body and mind will thank you. It all goes back to prioritizing what is most important for your end goal. 
  4. SLEEP : This seems counter-intuitive sometimes because I remember in college "pulling an all nighter" was synonym for "productive". I don't know how I did it. Now that I am in my mid twenties, I cherish sleep. I don't know what on earth l'm going to do when I have kids. Sleep is the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to help you be productive during the day. It's science. You body needs rest for Christ sake! You need repose, to hit that reset button and to let your rest inspire you. Cancel your RSVP to your friend's older sister's ex-roommate's birthday party and just SLEEP! 
  5. LOOK AHEAD : This is me, the planner speaking. I make a plan to make a plan (hence, this blog post). When you set yourself goals, write lists, and prioritize, remember to think about the future. None of the above tips are worth anything if you are not working towards a future achievement. If you are working hard to accomplish something, make sure that you are tailoring your every day to achieve said goal. If you plan ahead maybe you wont double book yourself because you'll find that the one party is not as important as the networking event. Maybe you can even plan ahead to spend a Sunday doing nothing but catching up on sleep and reading in bed. Wouldn't that be nice?

Most of all, I want you to believe in yourself. I am a TOTAL believer that we can do anything we set our minds to do. I believe that if you stay on track, keep focused and not deter away from your goal, you can achieve it. You may find yourself as I did this past weekend finding out that you didn't achieve all that you wanted to over the past year. Somehow, those things didn't all get done because priorities shifted. 
That is OKAY.
Remember, as long as you are working diligently in a forward motion toward your goal, nothing can stop you. 

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This is a partially sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.