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I always take the first couple weeks of the year to reflect and to set some challenging yet attainable goals. I want to take some time and share with you my thoughts, hopes and dreams about this little yet growing community of The Tangerine Desert. Although most of the time looking into the future is much like staring out into the fog, I believe we can all positively create the future by working towards goals each day.

It’s been an eventful year for The Tangerine Desert.

 2015 was TD's most steady and influential year yet. Here are some of the biggest wins from  the past year:

In April, I re-launced the TD website. I took a personal travel and style blog that was started in 2011 and turned it into an online space. This online space is now a hub for inspiring young women across the globe to travel more and be effortlessly stylish while doing it. Read more about the new Tangerine Desert philosophy here: #TheNewTangerineDesert

Since April, we’ve published 13 travel guides. Most of these were contributed by other travelers while some were from my personal travels. Together, our guides cover a wide spectrum of traveling from backpacking Southeast Asia to road tripping in Northern California. The guides took our readers from the top of Mt. Rainier to the best places to eat in Hawaii and beyond.

TD has also posted 17 style posts since it’s re-launch back in April. In these posts I was able to collaborate with boutiques such as The Boutique at Body Wellness, and Vana Dolce. I worked with Carolee as a brand ambassador and also had the privilege to be a Rocksbox it girl. 

In true blogging style, most of my photos this year were taken by my partner (and handsome boyfriend) Robert Leader. I also had the pleasure of working with a long time friend and extremely talented international photographer, Caitlin Kellagher from CJK Visuals. We shot with fellow blogger, Vogue Villain and yielded some of the most magical photos for several desert inspired posts

In 2015, The Tangerine Desert was invited to attend Vanity Fair's Social club events. I was able to ring in the Oscars as well as the Emmy's in the heart of Hollywood among some of the most influential and talented creatives in the industry. I owe a lot of my networking and growth in this area to the Blogger Babes society which I am proud to be a member of. 

In the following year, I have a lot to be hopeful for.

I have a ton of exciting content, events, and products coming your way. The running theme for 2016 is GROWTH. Growth not only for Tangerine Desert but also for my readers and fellow creatives. 

I currently have 10 travel guides in the works. These will take my readers from camping in California to the cultural depths of Vietnam. These guides serve as a tool for anyone looking to travel or seeking some first-hand advice from women just like you. 

This year, we will turn our style page into something that is more practical for readers. We will be collaborating with brands that fit the TD core values. I want to bring you practical, travel worthy style and brands. For instance, I want to share with you shoes that are not only ideal for a safari in Africa but are also stylish for when you go out and about in local bars.

The next focus is the growth of The Tangerine Desert You Tube page. One of my main goals is to get more travel videos coming your way. We already have a TON of footage from our travels and now all I need is to take the time to piece it together for you guys. Do you have a You Tube page? If so, leave a link in the comments. 

In October of last year I held my first networking get-together in Miami. It was a good way to reach out to bloggers in the area however, I realized I need to do much more planning to make these events successful and beneficial for the attendees. The Desert Storm Series is all about taking the blogging and creative world by storm - together. I've learned most of what I know about this online world from other ladies just like me. With this networking series, women in select cities can get together and bounce ideas off each other, build relationships, and find people to collaborate with in a relaxing atmosphere. This year, I hope to hold two more events and invite sponsors and other bloggers to attend. 

Thanks for riding this wave with me, Tangerines. Hold on tight, 2016 is going to be a wild ride!

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With Love and Wanderlust, 


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