Supreme Hat

Something I hear quite often: "I can't pull off hats, they don't look good on me." 

My response is always somewhere along the lines of "NOT TRUE!" 

Seriously. I promise you that as long as you pair a cap with an outfit that you are confident in, you will be able to pull off a hat in most any settings. Plus, isn't being able to style a cap a staple now a days? What if you're having a bad hair day or you haven't gotten to your colorist to have your roots touched up lately? Follow some of my simple steps and OWN the cap look.

Styling tips: 

  • Choose a hat that is clean, trendy, and fun. I have caps that are conversation pieces and some that are extremely modest and neutral colored. 
  • Wear something sporty or casual however, do not look like you just came from the gym when you haven't. 
  • You can wear a cap with a casual cotton dress. For this look, pair the items with a pair of Vans or a fresh pair of Nike's. 
  • Get creative and have fun with it. A cap on a girl can not only be sexy but it also shows that you are probably down for a beer after a day at the dog park. That kind of cool girl.