Dress Down a Dress in 3 Steps

Skater dresses and t-shirt dresses are two items that you should be stocking up on with the near-approaching summer weather. There's nothing more comfortable or more simple than just throwing a dress on when you are on the go this summer. 

The key to keeping a dress casual is to dress it down with your accessories. You'll look cool, ready for any adventure, and most importantly... effortless. 

Step 1: find a comfy dress

You want something that lets you breath. Look for a t-shirt style dress or a skater dress like I'm wearing here. Cotton is best. And for the love of God, please make sure its an appropriate length because if the dress is too short, you've just thrown all the coolness of this look into the trash.

Step 2: find a hat

Your hat can match your dress or it can also not entirely match. That's the fun part about being effortless, imperfection is perfection. The hat featured here was found in a thrift store and it says "Enron Methane Corporation" on it. Yes, the most notoriously scandalous corporation in America's history busted in 2001 for a slew of white collar crimes. Doesn't that make this hat even more interesting? Vintage. 

Tip: I always look in the men's section first when shopping for a new cap. They typically have more neutral colors and a better selection.

Step 3: put on a pair of sneakers

This look is all about being ready for anything. A good looking pair of sneaks is essential to any cool girls closet. From Vans to a pair of Jordan's the options are endless. I keep these white sneakers as white as possible, I feel like they make any outfit pop. 

Shop the Look: 


Bucketfeet Pineapple Gold Leather Slip-ons

Classic New Balance Lifestyle Sneakers

Black Leather Nike Air Force 1

Vans California Collection Vintage SK8-Hi


Vans Hawaiian Trucker Hat

Neff Hard Fruit Camper Hat - Watermelon Anyone? 

Brixton Five Panel Cap


RVCA Owned T-Shirt Dress

Alice + Olivia Rozlynn Knit Dress

Zara Embroidered Tunic


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