Living out of a suitcase - Austria

When living out of a suit case, the fact of the matter is that you have to get creative at some point. I ended up staying in Vorarlberg for 5 days longer than I had originally planned. Truth is, I missed my 6:30 am flight out of Munich. 

"Oh well" I thought "This isn't a bad place to be stuck." 

The weather was a bit chilly this day when the sun was hiding. I had brought a pair of black Express shorts and decided to dress them to the weather by throwing on a pair of tights and knee high socks. The turbain had been purchased a week before when shopping in London and the blouse was something thrifted back in the states. Here, I decided to use it as a light jacket. 


Travel Tip: When packing try and stick to one color scheme so that you are able to mix and match everything. I made sure that everything I brought on this trip could be paired with black. Black boots, black pants or a black hat. This way you can get creative like I did when stuck in Austria!