"London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilized, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane." -Stephen Fry

Ah, London... 

The city of over 13 million inhabitants over-pouring with history, charm, and character. One of the largest and oldest hubs in the country and home to finance, fashion, arts and entertainment. 

I had the pleasure and luck of visiting a friend and staying at the coolest flat with the view pictured below: 

When in London, I absolutely had to indulge in a little Banksy scavenger hunt. A lot of the original artworks have been de-faced by haters and business alike however, some still are standing and preserved such as this one below. There is actually a website dedicated to this hobby of finding Banksy original street art. Use this map if you are looking to do a little Banksy Hunting. 

We spend the few days we were around riding the "tube" and minding the gap. How amazing is this transportation system! I had such a blast riding around and on every street corner there was a pub with beers flowing, Brits shouting, and tourists enjoying every second of it. A little drizzle here and there in London really never was a big deal because there was a ton of places to take cover whether it was the underground or a corner pub. 

One of London's most iconic sights is Buckingham Palace! What an extraordinary historical work of architecture. How grand and precious is this monument.  

East London is speckled full of vintage shops, underground flea markets, and recond stores. To me, this was the Brookyln of London. So many hipsters or I'd like to say, everyone looked like they were coming out of The Breakfast Club in one way or another. I was in heaven!  Use this guide by Time Out to shop vintage in East London.