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Quebec City Travel Guide

Old Quebec City is magical. Especially in the winter when it turns into the perfect winter wonderland. This is also a city in which I have deep family ties. Being born in Quebec and spending most Christmases in this city has me gushing with excitement to share with you my favorite things to do while in the old city. Follow this quick guide while in Quebec to experience some of the best this quaint city has to offer.

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Beneath the angelic skies of the Pacific Ocean about half way between Los Angeles and Tokyo lies a chain of rugged volcanic islands. The Hawaiian Islands bring millions of tourists a year yet is home to some of the most well preserved nature and genuine culture I’ve ever seen. 

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Traveling alone through SE Asia

After several years of tossing around the concept, my insane envy of other travelers combined with the itch to experience the world pushed me to buy a ticket to Bali S-O-L-O. As I was about to board the plane, I felt both excited and anxious to escape my comfort zone to travel alone to the opposite side of the world for the first time. But guess what? It was the best decision I ever made.

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