NYC for your Senses

 A long time Tangerine, Gabrielle, recently shared with me her greatest adventures in New York City. She only lives about 45 minutes away and spends time almost every other weekend exploring this amazing city. After all, she is an artist and what better place to find inspiration than the Big Apple! The beautiful part about hearing what she loved most about this city was how much she pays attention to the little sensory details around her when spending time in such a busy city. I loved her statement, "Between the homeless and the absolute disgustingly rich, it is a city full of a variety of life. It could even be described as a headache of excitement!" 

"when you find a fun musician in the Subway, and people are actually dancing to him/her, that's the best."


 Every turn and step in NYC you find yourself experiencing something new and seeing something amazing. Try and not be like the NYC natives and really soak in the city! Gabs said her favorite smell in the city is the Nuts 4 Nuts you can get on the streets, delicious! 


Where to Eat:

Room Service - They have great Thai food, awesome bar, very cool restaurant for amazing prices. Every plate is delicious and you won't find a better deal anywhere else!

What to See: 

Central Park - its so large and filled with hidden gems. Just go and explore it to find some for yourself. On a nice day, go rent a paddle boat  and don't forget about the Central Park Zoo!

Where to shop:

 If you are in NYC and have any interest in fashion than you MUST stop in Bergdorf Goodmans of 5th Ave. It's well worth a stop even if you are just window shopping! 

Travel Tips:

Definitely skip the cab and take the Subway. There is no better way to get a deeper sense of the NYC atmosphere than to travel by Subway. It is much easier than it looks to navigate and if anything find someone with a comforting face, while your around others, and ask or whisper for some travel help. There is also an app called HopStop which will give you the directions for the Subway depending on where you want to go!

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